Introducing Lexy SkyPhotos - Capturing Sports Through a Personal Lens

At Lexy SkyPhotos, we're not just a sports photography business; we're a passion project born from a love for sports and the art of photography. Founded and operated by Lexy Robison, we specialize in capturing the essence of sports through a unique and personal lens.

A Personal Journey Turned Expertise

Lexy SkyPhotos is the result of years spent honing our craft, primarily through the lens of a dedicated sports parent. We've been there, cheering on our kids from the sidelines, capturing their soccer goals, hockey saves, and lacrosse victories. These personal experiences have allowed us to develop an unmatched understanding of the game and a knack for capturing the perfect moments.

Why Choose Lexy SkyPhotos?

  • Passion for Sports: We live and breathe sports, and we understand the importance of every moment on the field, court, or rink.
  • Tailored Experience: As a one-person operation, you'll receive Lexy's undivided attention and a personalized approach to your sports photography needs.
  • Years of Experience: Lexy's years of capturing various sports have honed her skills, ensuring your photos will be of the highest quality.
  • Memories That Last: We are committed to preserving your sports memories in stunning detail, so you can relive those special moments for years to come.

Let's Create Memories Together

Lexy SkyPhotos isn't just about taking pictures; it's about creating cherished memories. Whether it's a youth soccer match, a fast-paced hockey game, or an intense lacrosse showdown, we're here to turn your sports moments into timeless keepsakes.

Get in Touch Today

If you're looking for a dedicated sports photographer who understands the game and the importance of your moments, contact Lexy SkyPhotos today. Let's work together to capture your sporting journey with a personal touch.

About us

At Lexy SkyPhotos, we believe every sports moment is a story waiting to be told. Our journey began with a passionate sports parent, Lexy Robison, who, over the years, transformed her love for sports and photography into a thriving business dedicated to capturing the heart and soul of athletic events.

Our Founder's Vision

Lexy's vision for Lexy SkyPhotos was simple but powerful: to provide sports enthusiasts with more than just photographs. She aimed to deliver moments frozen in time, each image resonating with the energy, emotion, and intensity of the game. Lexy's unique perspective, shaped by countless hours on the sidelines cheering for her children in soccer, tennis, hockey, and lacrosse, makes her the perfect storyteller for your sporting events.

Why Choose Lexy SkyPhotos?

  • Personal Connection: Lexy's personal journey as a sports parent gives her a genuine understanding of the magic that happens on the field, court, or ice.
  • Unwavering Commitment: Our commitment to capturing your sports moments goes beyond business. We treat each shoot as an opportunity to create lasting memories.
  • Professional Expertise: Despite being a small startup, Lexy SkyPhotos boasts professional-grade equipment and years of photography experience in various sports settings.
  • Personalized Approach: As a one-person operation, Lexy provides personalized attention to every client, ensuring your unique needs are met.

Let's Tell Your Sports Story

Whether you're a parent cheering for your child, an athlete reaching for the stars, or a sports team aiming for greatness, Lexy SkyPhotos is here to help you tell your sports story through the art of photography.

Join Us in Capturing the Magic

Let Lexy SkyPhotos be a part of your sports journey. Contact us today to discuss your photography needs, request a quote, or book your session. Together, we'll capture the magic of your sports moments and turn them into cherished memories.

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